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One of the most important elements of a living space in your home is a comfortable, charming sitting area. The best way to create one is to find a statement piece and build the space around it. A great way to anchor a seating nook is with an antique desk, which you can pair with a beautiful side chair.

Vintage tables are perfect to use as desks, drop zones or nightstands. Many of them come with lots of drawers in different sizes – perfect for housing keys, phones and other knickknacks – which means they combine functionality with aesthetic value. Here is one from our current collection of antiques…

It isn’t essential to pair matching chairs with antique tables. Often an unusual chair adds a quirky twist to a simple table, creating a focal point in the room that draws the eye and makes a statement.

And of course, a classic desk is a great place to show off some other carefully-chosen antique pieces!

Though most antique desks were created for a time when people used to actually use them for writing, they can still be useful today. We may not put pen to paper as much as we used to, but technology has definitely tied us more to work and for that we’ll always need an inspired place to sit and be productive!

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