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How to give new life to old, unloved furniture

Do you ever walk past your old furniture and get the urge to dump it outside so you can start over? But you stop yourself because the hubby would not approve?

I’ve been there, too. But here’s what I did instead: I opened a can of my Amitha Verma chalk finish paint, brown wax, sealing wax and pro brushes, and I transformed my furniture from ugly to beautiful!

Want to see the results? Check out the before and after on this piece:


This is a true customer favorite! I show this piece all the time, and everyone is shocked that this luxurious look was created with just a little paint and my super easy process.

In today’s episode of Amitha TV, I’m going to show you exactly how you can achieve the exact same stunning look in less than an afternoon’s time. Just hit play.

What projects are you working on? Leave a comment and let us know.

Are you itching to try out manor beige for yourself? Just hop over to the paint section here and get a can today!

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