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See How I Turned This Ugly Sofa Into A $3,495 Masterpiece

Have you ever walked by a piece of furniture in your home and wished you could just toss it out?

Ever dreamed of tossing everything out – and starting all over again?

I remember feeling that way numerous times in the past. I looked around my home hoping for an easier way to deal with outdated, old-fashioned mismatched furniture and cabinets.

As an award-winning designer and owner of the largest antique store in Houston, I can tell you with certainty that you’re not alone.

Many of my customers were frustrated with their home and wished they could start fresh. 

But as busy, working moms already struggling with multiple responsibilities, time constraints and a limited budget – getting all new furniture is simply not a realistic option.

Yet when you think about working on your home, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. This puts you in a state where you just don’t do anything (except wander around your favorite shop wishing you could have it all!)

Let me guess, I bet you’d love to take on a home project if you had:

– An easy way to work with what you already have (easy being the keyword)

– A way to have a whole room makeover in as little as one day! Just like on TV.

– A foolproof way to recreate aged antique beautiful finishes every time – not hit or miss where half your projects look amazing and the other half look like you know what…

That’s why, I worked with leading chemists for over a year to create a breakthrough all-in-one paint formula that allows complete newbie painters to turn the most ordinary furniture, décor, objects, cabinets, and more – into a stunning showstopper. Once I was happy with the beautiful results I was getting, I couldn’t wait to share my system with our equally frustrated customers.

I’ve seen in my workshops, that even the most doubtful and reluctant painters immediately catch the “home makeover bug”. They learn to see the potential in the seemingly bland and even downright ugly!

This has literally:

– saved them THOUSANDS of dollars,

– weeks of time,

– and the frustration of being dissatisfied with their space.

I love how hopeful, happy and in control my customers are of their home decorating.

Curious to see how we do it?

Here’s the best part – you don’t have to be frustrated with long endless prep work and processes. Instead I’m going to show you how I quickly (in less than 2 hours) created this high price tag elegant designer piece of furniture with easy, FUN (yes really fun) and rewarding new skills that you can use to finally get you a gorgeous room!

Just like my workshop goers, I always have my eyes peeled for furniture pieces that I know I can transform with my unbelievably easy Transform system and signature furniture paint and products.

One of my old time favorite makeovers!

In fact…a few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for pieces for a living room project. But when this vintage sofa caught my eye, I knew I had to have it:

While I admit that it might be ugly at first glance, I knew that my 3-Step Transform system would quickly and easily turn this unattractive vintage sofa into a designer’s dream. (Not to mention…at a price 90% cheaper than what it would’ve cost at a store!).

I know what you’re thinking:

  • Worry 1: A project like this sounds so overwhelming, I wouldn’t even know what to do with a piece like this! Where do I start? How do I know when I’m done?

Rest assured, that’s exactly why I designed my 60-minute Transform system. I wanted to make a blueprint that absolutely anyone could follow – even if they had zero painting experience.

The first step to my transformation is to paint my piece. Now, that brings us to our next most common worry…

  • Worry 2: Painting furniture is difficult and it takes forever. I can’t do it on my own!

Yes, with the old way it was hard. That’s why we created a product that doesn’t need any sanding, stripping or priming.

To begin, all you have to do is remove any grease or grime with a simple cotton cloth. Next, give your paint a good stir and start painting! Tip – load up your brush and follow the wood grain or grain of your material when you apply the paint.

On this project, I painted one coat of my favorite color, Belgian Blue, while humming along to my Pandora playlist. Then, I added touch ups to emphasize all of the spectacular details of this piece.

If you’re wondering about the cost, one can of Belgian Blue retails for $39.99 – and I only used ¼ of the paint!

Now that you see how affordable this transformation is, you might be thinking…

  • Worry 3: I don’t have weeks to dedicate to this project and I don’t want to tie up all my free time

Until now, it used to take 6-8 weeks to do a job. But now, it’s just a matter of a few minutes! This project took about 20-30 minutes so I could capture all of the details of the caned back.

  • Worry 4: I don’t have any experience. I’ve never done it before.

99% of the people who attend our workshops haven’t painted in years. But with our easy-to-use paint and super simple system, they were able to pull off professional results the first time around.

  • Worry 5: Are the results going to last over time?

This brings us to the next step of the Transform system – applying the clear sealer.

The 10 minutes it takes to complete this vital step means you can rest easy knowing your piece is fully protected to last for years to come. I simply applied a thin coat of Protect all over my piece to ensure the newly painted finish on my sofa frame was sealed and protected.

  • Worry 6: I don’t know how to create those fancy antique finishes – you need to be a pro.

On this piece I used my specialty brush to apply a thin coat of our Enhance Antiquing Glaze in Brown. With a simple feathering motion, you can create that aged, distressed look you see in glossy design magazines.

  • Worry 7: I’m too old. It’s too late for me to have a gorgeous home.

It’s never too late to find your happiness, pursue your passions and create the life and home of your dreams. Earlier this month, I hosted a book signing at my Village Antiques store in Houston for the author of a top-selling book on home design. She learned how to create a blog, write, take photos, email her followers and create the home of her dreams – at age 50. It’s not far off from my own personal story and reminded me how we must pursue what makes us happy – you deserve it!

Now that we’ve covered the A to Z of my vintage sofa transformation, I’d love for you to see this amazing “after” shot for yourself:

Can you believe it’s the same ugly sofa?

So how about you – do you have an old piece in your home that you’d love to transform?

Imagine if you could do it in 60 minutes or less…

…and all for the price of a KFC family meal

Imagine if you could feel excited about the potential of your furniture, cabinets and décor – instead of feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

Imagine feeling in control of your decorating – without having to waste countless hours hunting for furniture and décor.

If you would like to see how your home transformation could unfold within the next 90 days, download my workbook now (it’s free!)

YES! Send me my FREE workbook now

See the shocking 60-minute transformation of this ugly vintage sofa into THIS $3000+ designer masterpiece:

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