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The 2 weird trends about to take over

If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been traveling. A LOT.

The thing is this, something weird has been happening on all my trips.

No matter where I am — France, or England, Italy, or even America — I keep running into this odd design trend.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s an entirely NEW style of antiques.

Now, I rarely do this, but right now, I’m going to make a prediction:

This brand new trend is going to be big.

I mean real big.

I predict that it’s going to dominate the interior design world for at least the next two years. You’re going to see it on the cover of Better Home and Garden…everywhere.

But right now, almost no one knows about it.

And if you start decorating with this style now, your home will be way ahead of the trends…and gorgeous to boot.

So what is it?

Modern Minimalism + Old Antiques

It’s an odd combo, for sure.

In fact, minimalism and old world antiques couldn’t be farther apart in terms of style.

But somehow, when you combine them, magic happens:

Now, you know me — my idea of minimalism would never match a true minimalist’s definition.

But I’m so enamored with this emerging trend, that I’ve dramatically changed my own approach.

See, I used to have a lot of action going on in my home:

Colors, textures, and eye-oppoing contrast.

Which at the time, I loved.

But since discovering this new trend, I’ve done a 180. All of my colors are very soft and pale.

And I’m not trying to cram so many pieces into each room. Now, I relish the negative space, using it to guide the eyes to the central anchor pieces in each room.

Like this:

Needless to say, I absolutely love this new style! It’s fresh, and my home feels less heavy that it did before.

I have more energy and inspiration to cook, to workout, to play with my boys, or even just to cuddle up with hubby and read a book.

Another HUGE trend that’s you will be seeing for a long while ahead?

Stunning white-washed finishes!

I’ve been a fan of this trend ever since I was a little girl. I used to even makeup my own whitewash paint (yes you know what you love deep inside).

This has been my go to solution for many projects, especially when I need a very forgiving finish such as in high traffic areas.

Who knew white-washed and washed gray tones could be so gorgeous:

If you’ve been looking to change-up your home’s style, then you need to try this for yourself.

These washed textures are also so liveable and elegant at the same time, and they’re a perfect way to bring in white without injecting a huge contrast into your home.

Because I know that oftentimes, white can look very severe and intimidating.

But these washed tones make it much more relaxing and inviting.

And the best part is, since white is so neutral, it can EASILY be added to your existing decor regardless of your palette.

Now, you know I wouldn’t be telling you all of this…building up all of your excitement…if I didn’t have anything in the shop to offer you.

That would be cruel!

No. My team and I have spent the last couple months traveling across the world to find the most gorgeous pieces that fit this new trend.

Here’s just a few of them:

All of these pieces are just a small fraction of the very special shipment that just arrived a few nights ago.

And we’re holding a special event to unveil all of them on Saturday September 8th.So, if you like what you’ve seen, and want to be one of the first to get this gorgeous style in your own home, register for the event here.

I expect this to be our biggest event of the year.

So click here to register now before all the spots are gone. 

With love,


P.S Want to design your dream home? Why not level-up your design skills with one of our exclusive workshops? August is almost sold out, so don’t delay! Click here to see the schedule.

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