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The 12 Days of Christmas: Part I

This past week, any spare few moments that I had I was working on my holiday shopping list, jotting down ideas as they came to me. I love, love, love coming up with creative gift ideas, and I really LOVE the moment when someone opens up a gift and I can see that special glow in their eyes that comes from receiving a present that just speaks to who they are.

When my husband and I were first dating, I came to know that he had been an avid comic book fan growing up and had a huge collection of first edition comics books. Knowing Spider Man was one of his favorite comic books, I worked with an art gallery to find an original first edition animated comic cell which was signed by Stan Lee (the creator of Spider Man). He loved it, and was so touched by how much thought and planning was behind it. The nice thing about that gift is that it is now on the wall and is something my dear hubby enjoys to this day.

I don’t always have time for that kind of planning every year, but I do truly love finding something special for each person.

Today I wanted to share some of our gift ideas and some items from our shop that you could use to create some special memories of your own:

The Man Who Has Everything:

Does your Dad have everything? Often when I think of my Dad, I think of his library or reading room, because that’s where he does his relaxing.

I loved this painting the moment I saw it. Take a look at this hunting scene; to me, the excitement of the dogs is truly the most special part of this painting.

Or how about this antique set of Staffordshire herders? I love the color of these, they are very unusual and striking.

Does your Dad love outdoor spaces? Living in Houston, you know January is when we get to enjoy some chilly weather – how about these oil lanterns?

We were surprised at how much stuff we had for Dads and Grandfathers; we’ll be posting a few more next week!


One piece I often see and love to help moms buy is a writing desk for their daughters. It’s such a versatile piece that will last for decades. Can you image doing a fun scrap-booking project together over this lovely antique writing table? On this one, I love the scalloped skirt and cabriole-inspired legs.

How about a box to store a few pieces of jewelry? I still have the first jewelry box that my parents gave me! Can you believe it? And I still use it to this day!

Have you seen these lovely bookends at the store? Do you have a dancer in your family?


Sisters often depend on sisters to make sure we get something just for fun (and of course for passing the message along to the hubby)!

I love these smoke bottles with these gorgeous shells on top!!

Or how about these great accessory pillows with the classic but fresh chevron pattern?

The Celebrator:

Is there someone in your family that loves to celebrate and really decorate their table with unique serving ware? How about these unique wine or champagne holders?

We have so many more special gift ideas, but I don’t want to go on and on and bore you! I’ll be doing a second part next week to share some more ideas on gift ideas for Grandma, children in your family, a few more great ideas for Dad or Brother and of course Mom!

With all this wonderful spirit of gift giving I want to ask for your help in participating in Toys for Tots. We are donating gifts for Toys for Tots this Christmas and if you would like to participate, please bring in a new toy and we will donate it to the Toys for Tots program.

We appreciate your support and would love to extend a 20% Discount on YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE* for participating and making a child’s holidays a special time.

Happy Holidays!

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