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Thankful for the Journey

You may think of our shop only in terms of your home decorating needs. But the scope of our vision is so much bigger than that. Today I wanted to share a story of how we were able to be a part of one of our customer’s special life moments, and how much we loved and cherished that experience.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. M who recently became Mrs. M. She came to our shop looking for a few one-of-a-kind pieces she could incorporate into her wedding, and boy were we excited to help! Usually we’re working on homes, but a wedding – that was new to us!

After she described her wedding plans and her colors, we were able to help her find a few pieces that she could include on her guest table/sign in which would greet the guests as soon as they entered the wedding. Here you can see some of the items she found at our shop, including this lovely little bird’s nest, the pair of finches all mixed in with these beautiful fresh flowers and wedding decorations.

These items were mixed in with all of the other wedding decor and used to create a truly special display. I’m so happy that we were a part of this special day, and that Mrs. M will always have these items in her home.

Later, right before the big day, Ms. M came in with her maid of honor on the hunt for the perfect gift for her soon-to-be husband. She located a vintage clock full of charm and character and we then began to look for the perfect box to store it in. We narrowed it down to a Trowbridge box from England. The one she selected had a very pretty Art Deco inlay design, but you will find that these come in many patterns.

Available at Village Antiques, $415

Available at Village Antiques, $385

We were very touched and happy to be included in Ms. M’s wedding. We are thankful to be a part of all of your home decorating projects and all your special life moments. Each week you all come in to tell me how much you love our blog and store, and how you incorporate many of these ideas into your home. Big and small contributions, we are thankful to be on this journey with you.

Myself and my team have been so lucky to meet so many of you, and are constantly inspired by YOU!

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