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A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a gorgeous buffet can add such charm and beauty to a dining room. All of the details that are so special and beautiful to many French buffets can make almost any design sing. But in a dining table, I look for something different. I love practical, day-to-day lifestyle kind of pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love and admire those gorgeous, high-gloss veneer tables, but even more than that I love textured woods that I can incorporate into my daily life.

Dining rooms often become the heart of the home – a place where families get together, unwind, and talk about their day. When designing a dining room, that’s what I try to create: a space where this ritual can be enjoyed. I love rugged yet lovely dining rooms, big spaces where families can not only relax, but also entertain and share the joy of sitting down with extended family and friends.

With this design aesthetic, there are a few particular styles that I really love. Trestle tables, like the one above, work so well for many of our interiors. Trestle tables have been used in homes for hundreds and hundreds of years. During the Gothic period, in the 15th century in England, France and Italy, these trestle tables were traditionally used in the ‘great hall’. They were typically made of a removable wood top on a trestle base so that the rooms could be used for multifunctional purposes. Can you imagine – when people were done eating they would take the top off and put the table away!? There are some evenings when I barely want to put my dishes away, much less the table!

Available at Village Antiques – $6,950

Available at Village Antiques – $3,950

Available at Village Antiques – $2,800

Available at Village Antiques – $8,495

What I love about trestle tables is that as the solid wood top ages, it gets marked and distressed from use, which just adds to the beauty of the piece.  Even after so many years of use, each table is still a classic piece of furniture.

Another favorite of mine is the farm table. Sometimes primitive, often rustic and very casual, this piece can go from a classical interior to a modern-inspired room effortlessly. These tables are great for dining rooms, breakfast rooms, or even for an office or library. They are so aged and dinged, more wear and tear just adds to their charm. 

Here a few that we have in the shop right now. What do you think – love them? Or too casual for you?

Available at Village Antiques – $2,195

I love the color combination and the slender proportions on this farm/harvest table – it is gorgeous!

Available at Village Antiques – $1,895

A more formal piece, which has obviously been very well taken care of, but still lovely for a more formal room.

Available at Village Antiques – $3,400

There are many more styles of tables we have – including those that lean towards the more formal, or those that are better suited for smaller spaces. I’ll be sure to share some of those pieces in a later post. What do you prefer, more casual pieces or more formal? Tell us the next time you pop in!

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