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REVEALED…the 5 hottest dining room trends

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or you’re having a special luncheon – the dining room is the place where everyone gathers.

It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house because its centuries-old purpose still remains the same. It’s where you get to show off your design skills and create a loving sanctuary that everyone wants to come back to again and again.

In today’s episode of Amitha TV, I’m going to walk you through the 5 biggest dining room design trends for this year.

By the end of the video, your dining room will be ready for this holiday season.

Did any of these trends surprise or inspire you?

Let me know in the comments below!

Remember, you don’t have to keep up with all of the trends. They are merely there as a guide for you to keep or toss. You decide.

If anyone you know could benefit from some dining room décor inspiration this season, feel free to share this post (they’ll thank you for it!).

Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting.

‘Til next time!

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