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When the weather is this fine, many of us are spending time both inside and outside of the house. Even in sweltering heat, we still manage step outside to care for our pets, work on our gardens, go for evening walks,  and of course go swimming! So today I wanted to share some fun ideas to bring the outside in and vice versa. 

Bringing in Natural Objects

In your interior design, consider mixing in some natural elements. Take a look at a few of these items at the shop I love right now:

Available at Village Antiques $145.00

Available at Village Antiques $58.00

Available at Village Antiques
Assorted Pieces $12.00 – $128.00
Breadboard $695.00

Antler Amor

For antler lovers, summer is no exception. These perennial decor items look great in all seasons.

Available at Village Antiques $175.00

Garden Colors

Bring some of that beautiful summer color indoors. If those bright yellows and greens inspire you, let their vibrancy flow into your decor and see how uplifted you feel!

Available at Village Antiques
Table: $440.00 / 45″x24″x20″
Pillow: $60.00

Available at Village Antiques $75 – $120.00

Available at Village Antiques $89.00

If you actually love to garden, we have a neat collection of gardening items available right now. 

Available at Village Antiques $49 – $79

Available at Village Antiques $95.00

Available at Village Antiques
A gorgeous assortment of oceanside pillows, candleholders & metal items
$55 – $200  

Of course herbiers always add a touch of the natural indoors.

Available at Village Antiques $275/each

And if you want to bring a little of your interiors outside, here a few of my favorite designer tips & tricks:  

Look for a few fun outdoor fabrics to put on your outdoor seating to tie into your interior fabric palette. You can find great outdoor fabrics now with beautiful patterns and textures.  

Use garden seats: these are very versatile pieces that can be used for seating or as side tables. They are so pretty they can go inside or out.  

And last but not least, why not paint your front door a color that goes with your exterior and interior!   

Have you tried any of these tricks at home? Let us know!

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