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‘High’ Lights – My Favorite Ceiling Lights

We tend to forget about ceilings when we are designing our spaces, but they are a large area to ignore. Painting your ceiling is one option; or wallpapering, if you’re adventurous. At the very least, you should consider the type of light you have in this space. Even replacing those stock lights that come with your home with prettier ones can add a touch of vintage charm and patina to your ceiling.

Where to Start


Whenever we work on a design project, lighting is a major element. We consider all the lighting at the very start of a project. Even if we are doing a room redo or quick renovation, we always try to leave a little in the budget ahead of time because a gorgeous light fixture adds so much richness to the furnishings. So keep that in mind when you’re starting on your next project so you’ll have room to splurge.

What Size do You Need?

Dining Rooms:

For dining rooms I like to choose a fixture around half the width of the table. So for instance, if your table is 60″ in diameter, the diameter of the light would be 30″, according to this formula. Once I had this range I would feel good looking for a chandelier around 26-30″wide. Larger than that, you would probably need to have 10′ ceilings or higher, or consider an open or airy fixture, and I wouldn’t suggest going much bigger.

If you’re hoping to hang two chandeliers over a table then use one third of the table width to get the right diameter. So for a 60″ table, one third would mean you need to find a chandelier 20″ in diameter.

For the height of the chandelier I use this simple measurement of 3″ per 1 foot of height. So for an 8′ ceiling height you would be good with a 24″ high chandelier. Often times you can eyeball it and make a good guess, especially once you know your diameter.

For dining rooms I suggest hanging a fixture no less than 30″ above the table. You can go up to 34″ if your ceilings are a bit higher, but not lower than 30″ above the table.

Foyers, Powder Baths & Bedrooms:

Let your foyer be the guide of what type of chandelier you need. Do you have an expansive foyer with 12 foot ceilings and higher? If so, you can splash out on a larger scale piece for truly stunning impact. A quick tip is to add the length and width of your room to help you determine the diameter. For instance, let’s say you had a bathroom that was 8′ wide x 6′ long. Add them up: 8+6=14 and 14″ would be a starting point for a chandelier. This is just a guide, of course and gives you a range of 12-16″ in diameter to look for. For a smaller foyer, you might prefer a more delicately proportioned chandelier or lantern.

I love using statement pieces in the foyer and powder bathroom, as this is a place both you and your guests will get to admire.

Powder Bath with Chandelier Design by Amitha Verma

What about chandeliers in bedrooms? This seems to be a big trend right now. My tip for bedroom lights is to hang the chandelier 7′ above the ground.

And if you really want to create a feeling of decadence, there are so many other spaces that could use a beautiful chandelier. Don’t forget about the master bathroom, vanity area and even master closet!

Here are a few beautiful pieces we have at Village Antiques right now:

This would look so lovely over a kitchen island or rectangular dining table! I love the patina on this iron.

This would be pretty over a kitchen island, dining room or foyer.

You can’t beat a chandelier for adding a genuine touch of grandeur to a room!

Are you feeling inspired to go search out some beautiful light fixtures for your home? Let us know what you choose and why! And don’t forget to check out our album on Facebook – it has pictures of all the items currently for sale.

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