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Confessions from my HSN Segment

You might remember that a few weeks ago, I was featured on HSN to demonstrate how easy it is to transform furniture with our Amitha Verma Transform paint & products.

It was such a fun yet nerve-racking experience to be on the show but I got through it thanks to the support of my Houston peeps!

As I was presenting, I couldn’t help but think of you, and so many others I’ve helped at the shop. Being on HSN was a way to reach more people who want to create the home of their dreams for their family and loved ones.

I hope you were able to tune in to see it, but if you didn’t get the chance, no worries because we’ve been invited back on!

And this time, I’ve upped the ante….

Last time, I went through all 3 steps on a few sample pieces of wood:

But then, I had this incredible vision and thought…“how fun would it be to makeover a piece of furniture on LIVE TV?!”

The entire episode is LIVE and anything could go wrong, but knowing the power of the paint and my faith in my fail-proof process, I know I can go all in.

Want to see me transform THIS chair on LIVE T.V.?

Tune in on April 12 at 9am Eastern (that’s 8 am for us Texas folk) to see the makeover unfold, step-by-step!

Find the channel for HSN based on your zip code here with this handy channel finder tool.

And if you already bought your kit and loved it, I have a very special favor to ask you: Could you call in to HSN on the day of the airing and share your experience? You can call in at 1-800-284-5757

Not sure which kit I’m talking about?

It’s none other than the HSN-exclusive kits that have everything you need to start and FINISH a project (or actually 3-4 projects).

The kit includes:

● A quart of our revolutionary Amitha Verma paint (enough for 3-4 projects)

● A beautiful new brush that’s radically different from our old design

● Clear sealer to lock in color and create a finish that lasts

● Our specially formulated Antiquing Glaze to get the gorgeous, distressed “antique” look we all love

● BONUS #1: all-new dvd featuring one of our latest furniture makeover projects

● BONUS #2: a handy booklet you can use to easily follow the steps with tons of inspiration along the way.

● BONUS #3: a beautiful specialty Enhance Brush you can use to apply the sealers and glazes.

Get your exclusive Home Makeover Kit online here or call in and order one 1-800-284-5757

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your support. All of the kind words, Facebook posts and even meeting me in the shop to express your joy has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced in business!

With love and in friendship,


P.S. We’ve just announced new class dates for our long-awaited “Learn How to Paint and Transform Your Home” workshop. Click here to register.

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