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Antiques in the Kitchen?

Which antiques are my must haves in any kitchen space? There are a few special antiques that I adore mixing into any kitchen to create that beautiful blend of antiques and modern décor.

I’m going to jump right in and share these pieces with you, so you can start on this project asap!

Amitha’s Favorite Kitchen Antiques:

Antique transferware

Antique Crystal – absolute favorite, don’t skip this! This can be in chandeliers, sconces and more

Vintage Paintings


An antique armoire or china cabinet

Yes, you read the last one right. I love an antique armoire or china cabinet in the kitchen. I know it’s super old fashioned.

But truly, it adds so much warmth and character into a kitchen, something you can never quite accomplish with built-ins.

I adore the stunning carvings, history and function of these pieces – beautiful & practical – hello! And the best part, we still need a place to store all our dishes and kitchen gadgets!

I found this one on one of my antiquing haunts and knew I had to have it!

We’ve had a lot of Amitha Verma painters go through my workshops so by now you can hopefully see the potential!

In case you’re still wondering in disbelief if I could transform this, check out this beautiful transformation.

To start, I simply painted over this china cabinet with French Gray (one of our most popular colors)

French gray

Once that was dry (20 minutes later), I decided I wanted to add a bit more wow factor. Sounds complicated but it was easy – I took Manor Beige and painted over the stunning details of this china cabinet.

Once the Manor Beige was dry I went back over the piece with my clear sealer for Chalk Finish Paint, Amitha Verma Protect Sealer.

I let that dry for 20 minutes and then went on to add a bit of my antiquing glazes, in both Gray & Brown

Ready for the after (if you already scrolled down, scroll back up now and read how to do this yourself!)?

Here is the gorgeous after!

What are you working right now? Leave a comment and let us know – we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting your before & after images! Seriously we huddle around the computer and love seeing your results!

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Till next week – make your home special with your design gifts – you’ve got them in you!



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