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Antique Decor | Everything I Bought at the Round Top Antique Fair

On my first trip to the Round Top, Texas, antique fair of the year, I ditched my wishlist and went a bit overboard…

And the haul is finally here!

A few weeks ago, I shared the behind-the-scenes at this visit to one of the biggest antique shows in North America. It’s a gold mine for finding one-of-a-kind decor pieces.

Today, I’m sharing what I purchased from the trip and my thought process for my home projects in mind to give you some inspiration, and so you avoid going overboard with impulse buys and bring home pieces that will actually work into your space.

French Country Toile Daybed

This headboard and footboard that make up a daybed are among the larger pieces I scored from my antique shopping trip.

When I saw this piece, it instantly felt like Village Antiques, Farmhouse By Amitha, and my home—It’s everything I adore in design.

This daybed has a beautiful chalk-painted finish, nailhead trim, and a beautiful scenic story illustrated over the toile fabric. I already love everything about toile.

Toile de Jouy is a printed linen fabric that features pastoral and floral illustrations reminiscent of French country living that first came into fashion in the mid-18th century. These are the very patterns, and colors I source for my shop and my home.

This toile daybed is totally my jam with its subtle colors, details, and stories in the patterns, but I didn’t just stick to my usual style on this Round Top trip. I let myself stray to the darker side a bit with my art selection, but not too far…

Antique Paintings Haul

I picked up two artworks in complete contrast to my usual light, floral, pastel color theme.

After this art trip, I’m on an art-buying ban courtesy of my husband because we have “run out of places to put them.”

BUT—I have found a loophole to this by changing out my artwork with the seasons. I know I sound like a crazy lady with too much time, but I only do this for our dining room and family rooms, where I love to change the decor for the holidays.

That’s why I went with darker, moodier paintings on this Round Top visit. I imagine these colors in these paintings will tie into the beautiful fall colors of my seasonal autumn decor.

What I loved about this painting was the dark wood beams, the crumbly plaster fireplace, the beautiful white plates, and it’s deep undertones that bring a ruggedness that I thought would contrast beautifully against the light and airy furniture and decor I have throughout my home.

With the other painting, I love its impressionist style and its smokey wood beams, the painted ceiling in green, copper pots, and black stove all feel like an extension of a larger painting.

These two paintings feel very similar, yet different artists painted them.

I want to say that I’ve converted over to the dark side—but who am I kidding? I love what I love, so I had to grab one more that totally fit my airy, pastoral style.

My last antique painting find has a classic Amitha vibe. It features a beautiful green mountain in the middle of a postal scene with a river flowing through a scenic town in the French countryside.

Glam Stationary Decor

One of my fallbacks when antiquing is always picking up little pieces of decor to remember that trip by. I went with a few somewhat functional, but mostly just cute pieces to display on my desk.

If you read my recent blog post on ” How To Add Glam Like A Designer,” you’ll know that I have a not-so-secret obsession with sparkle, and I let that appeal shine through with this decor.

I found a beautiful gold and royal blue crown emblem decal box that’s perfect to house a pair of my loose headphones. I also picked up a little scenic painting that I can put on a small easel and two matching gold-painted bookends to organize my daily planners, calendars, and books.

I also grabbed a gold tray to keep all my glam pieces together organized and stylish.

The Chinoiserie Screen

This antique accordion-style wall screen is the perfect large-scale decor piece to create a partition in a room or backdrop, which is how I see myself using it.

If you watched my Round Top Vlog, you know that nothing of this magnitude was on my wishlist, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to come home with me.

When a piece stops you in your tracks, I say go for it!

If it’s in your budget, and you’ll regret it if you don’t pull the trigger, that’s your permission slip.

The beautiful shade of French blue, yellow-gold style trim detail, the c-scrolls, the pastoral scene, and the beautiful rose garlands and the bottom—the imagery in this piece are incredibly inspiring.

Our guest room has a blank wall that I thought this piece would be perfect for as a backdrop for the bed. Alternatively, I could separate the panels and use them as a smaller headboard. Another idea is to keep it open and place it in a large room with a pair of chairs right in front of it—so many ideas from one piece of decor.

One of my BIGGEST tips when buying second-hand anything is to be forgiving when you come across imperfections.

This Chinoiserie screen has two tears in the top left-hand corner, but I never let imperfections like these stop me from buying an antique, especially when it’s a one-of-a-kind piece.

There’s More Where This Came From…

If you love to see haul videos like this, make sure you subscribe to the channel because we have another similar vlog of my next trip to Round Top coming up soon, and then a separate haul video to pair with that one!

I made another big purchase on that trip and I’m excited to share it with you, so hit that subscribe button on YouTube and turn the notification bell on so you don’t miss that episode.

Tell me your thoughts—leave a comment, and let me know which one of my Round Top finds is your favorite. If you have a favorite find from one of your antiquing trips, share it in the comments!

My team and I love reading your comments each week, and it has been incredible to see the amazing Farmhouse by Amitha community that we’ve created right here.

P.S. If any of the pieces that I shared today caught your eye and you’d love to add something similar into your home, we have pieces just like these over at Village Antiques. Here’s a little sneak peek before you stop on by!

Inspiring you to create heart in your home,


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