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This year’s must have holiday decor

Think red and green plastic ornaments are the only styles for your holiday decor?

Think again! Toss out that old tinsel and embrace some of this year’s holiday decor.

While I love decorating with the classic red and green color scheme, I’ve discovered there are many color schemes that look beautiful with or without red and green.

Along with these new colors, here are my must have items for this year’s holiday decorating.

You can easily add one or all of these to your existing tree decor to create a stunning designer tree in no time.

All of these items are available at Village Antiques, and I share how many of each you need.

Super wide shimmer sack-cloth ribbon.

And by wide, I mean super wide!

This is a must have on any tree that I decorate. I call this ribbon the “spanx” of the tree. It holds it all together and guides you where to decorate next.

Super wide shimmer sack-cloth ribbon available at Village Antiques

This year we have both white gold and this brilliant yellow gold available at Village Antiques.

How much do you need? At least 2-3 rolls per tree. Go for 3 if your tree is over 7.5’ tall.

Here you can see the white gold super wide shimmer sack-cloth ribbon on another must have – a gorgeous flocked tree.

Availabe at Village Antiques

For years I’ve been searching for the perfect flocked tree, not too flocked, not too thin and not to thick. Imagine my delight when I came across the perfect tree! It’s stunning with just the ribbon!

We still have one flocked tree available at Village Antique. You only need one ;)

Oversized Ornaments

My next must have item are big, huge oversized ornaments.

Don’t be afraid! Go go bold with gorgeous oversized decor to make a big impact on your tree.

Available at Village Antiques

Here is how they look on the tree:

You only need a few from 3-5 per tree.

Special Ornaments

Once I have my ribbon in place, I’m always looking for unique, gorgeous ornaments to add into my tree and collect year after year.

Something special and unique.

My favorites for this year include this gorgeous snow white gold beaded velvet ball:

Available at Village Antiques

And these jemmed butterflies:

Available at Village Antiques

Get at least 3 if you fall in love with a special ornament.

Filler Ornaments

And while I’m decorating I always look for unique filler ornaments to fill in the gaps. Here are two of my favorite this year:

For fillers get anywhere from 3-6 per style.

Holiday Florals

Last but not least, when I’m putting the finishing touches on my tree I always keep a handful of holiday floral stems on hand to fill in the bald spots.

No matter how full your tree is, there is always going to be a few holes you need to fill in.

And these stems are exactly what you need to do that.

Here are my favorite stems this year:

I am obsessed with these coral inspired stems. They are two-toned with both silver and gold so they go with ANY tree.

If you only get one thing this year – get these. I would recommend getting at least 3 and up to 6 to fill in your tree.

This picture does not do this justice but once I show you a pic of this stem in the tree, you won’t be able to spot it! Keep scrolling.

Available at Village Antiques

And here it is in the tree:

Another must have stem includes these crystal inspired stems:

Available at Village Antiques

And here it is in the tree:

Here is a 3rd style that we are loving this year.

The Tree Topper

Secret tip: These same stems are my secret tools that I use to create a holiday crown if I can’t find something I like.

Have the folks over at Village Antiques show you how to do this when you stop in.

And last but not least, this is my favorite tree topper item. After years of hunting we finally got one to share with you over at Village Antiques.

So what do you think about this year’s holiday decor?

Are you more confident to start filling your home with holiday decor itthat aren’t the traditional red and green and smaller round ornaments?

Leave a comment in the comments section and let us know!

And don’t forget, if you’re at all interested in these easy to use pieces, head over to Village Antiques today, where you can find these and plenty other unique and unexpected finds!

Don’t wait, we want you to enjoy these gorgeous items all holiday season long!

‘Till the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts.



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