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The easy way to entertain guests like a pro

This season, you want to host a special event. But you start to panic once you start contemplating the food, the drinks, the music, your décor, and oh, “how on earth do I arrange my table?”

Before you know it, you’re dreaming about cancelling the party.

Sound familiar?

What if I told you that entertaining guests in your home doesn’t have to be stressful?

In fact, whenever I host a special event, I would go as far as saying I have as great of a time as my guests.

In today’s episode of Amitha TV, I’ll reveal my favorite tips for easy, effortless entertaining.

Like many of us, you might be worried (or even embarrassed) about your home décor. So if you want to create a big impact without having to shell out thousands of dollars on new furniture, simply choose from our collection of designer colors of Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint. With gorgeous colors designed to match absolutely everything, you can’t go wrong!

Then, use our 3-step Transform system to make a stunning painted masterpiece out of your ordinary furniture.

Plus, when you use our sealer and specialty glazes, you can create 4 entirely different looks with just one color!

Now it’s your turn:

What’s your ultimate tip when it comes to entertaining guests in your home?

Share your wisdom with the community in the comments below!

As always, thanks for watching, sharing and commenting!

‘Til next time – happy hosting!

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