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The Deconstructed Kitchen

When we bought our house, very little inside it had been changed since the year it was built, 1951. The floors was clad in linoleum and there were bubblegum pink walls and carpets everywhere. There was definitely a serious face-lift required! However like anyone else, we had to budget each project and work on them one at a time. 

One of those must-do projects is our kitchen. It’s already had a minor facelift, but now I really want to do a major renovation. Of course, first I’ll have to convince my dear hubby that this is a worth-while cause!

As my tastes have evolved over the six years that we’ve lived here, I’ve come to realize that I love, love, love openness in many aspects of the home. I feel very drawn to those gorgeous open floor plans that you see nowadays, with one family area which includes a great room, a kitchen and a breakfast room. Gone are the days of formal living and dining rooms. Now it’s all about practical, usable spaces that work for modern living. 

I’m always trying to find ways to open things up at home. When we did our first renovation, we took down two walls separating the kitchen from the great room. But now I feel I want things to be even more open. And I would really love to bring more antiques into the decor. But first I need to consider, how much open is too open?

When I saw this kitchen, I was so inspired! I love the warmth and casual feel of this space. Doesn’t it just invite you in? This is a room I would want to sit in for hours! I wonder, could I adjust without those upper cabinets that we are all so used to for storing all the dishes?

Or how about this? How organized do you have to be to keep this looking beautiful? Now I’m actually pretty organized about my dishes, so there’s only one thing that wouldn’t fit into this design scheme: all of my babies’ gloriously colorful sippy cups, Thomas the Train bowls and plates, and so forth. Hmm, what do to with those – certainly a designer challenge.

Another great eat-in kitchen. I LOVE this antique pine table being used both as an island and eat-in area. This is a great way to incorporate a found piece into your kitchen.

And the same with this space. Another room I could really live in. I am sure all the dishes are stored in the piece to the left. I adore this kitchen, somehow this one really speaks to me. 

So what’s the secret to the deconstructed kitchen?

The right space planning is key to accomplishing a lovely deconstructed kitchen design. You would really need to plan your space and be sure to include the right type of storage, so that all your kitchen items would have a home. After all, you might have a lot of gorgeous creamware to display, but what about the trays, pots, pans, blenders and so on?

The lower cabinets are ideal for storing all these kinds of items. Many don’t need to be accessed that often and so are best kept at a lower level. I would also include a tall piece such as an armoire, cabinet or even wire rack to hold the things you want to reach easily everyday. 

And of course you can have open shelves for your dishes.

Or if you really feel that you couldn’t manage without upper cabinets, you could consider replacing the middle wood panel with glass or chicken wire to create that open feeling.

Next, I would look for a piece that you could use as an island and an eat-in area. Most of these kitchens have this in common, and using an antique creates that grounded, earthy lived-in feeling that I love!

This could be a trestle table, wine table, pine farm table.. the options are endless. Take a look at these:

This gorgeous antique table in the center of the room adds so much warmth and texture.

Once you’ve taken the down the cabinets (or at least modified the doors) and found your center table/island, the rest is simply in the details. Take a look the gorgeous accessories in these pictures that truly make each kitchen!

There is so much to admire here! I love the pop of colour provided by the pretty majolica, and that Swedish clock has real rustic charm. Don’t you just want that linen skirt and those breadboards for your own kitchen? 

That island is just so pretty, isn’t it, with that scalloped trim? I’m also loving those fabulous candlesticks and the oversized pail of lavendar. Even the cow’s head makes quite the statement! 

And last not but not least, ahhh, less is so much more! This gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen by designer Pam Pierce is just divine. I could cook and live in this kitchen. 

So be sure to share, what do you think of the deconstructed kitchen concept? Do you love it – or do you prefer a more traditional concept? I love hearing your feedback every week, it’s so inspiring! 

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