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Spring Color Inspirations

It’s that wonderful time of the year again – spring! After being tucked away in the winter doldrums for months, we can now finally enjoy some gorgeous weather and a little bit of extra sunshine. And of course, with spring comes some fabulous fresh spring inspiration.

Today I wanted to share a few of the things that are inspiring me this spring. And we’re trying something different this time: our first video blog! Here you can see some of the sources of our inspiration.

And for those of you who prefer good ol’-fashioned text over video, here a few of our favorite spring trends:

One thing I’m excited about is the fact that we’re seeing such a lot of color popping up everywhere, especially rich yellows and soft pinks. I’m loving the subtle hints of pink that are appearing here and there. It reminds me of the all the beautiful azaleas in bloom right now!

Pink is such an elegant, sophisticated color; it’s one of my hubby’s favorite shades on me, and in flowers. I have to say, I love it too. Here are a few current pieces with that gorgeous pink coloring:

I adore this plush lumbar pillow, perfect on a settee, sofa or bed.

Another great piece with a hint of pink is this pretty Venetian glass mirror.

As much as I love my subtle blue and gray, there’s something just so appealing about fresh pops of color, like in these vintage art pieces and antiques. You just can’t help falling for all those fresh floral spring shades of yellow, green and blue.

Even though this has a muted background, I love the hints of pink and yellow that just bring this scene to life.

And how about these gorgeous cobalt blue glass jars? These are perfect for a pop of vibrant color in your home, or even maybe your beach house.

And of course there’s white, a classic color to use when wanting create freshness and contrast. Can’t you imagine these lovely containers filled with pink and purple tulips?

And last not but not least, white ironstone or plates can help create an intriguing wall display.

I hope this gorgeous weather and all the lovely flowers in bloom are inspiring you this spring. Be sure to share your inspirations with us!

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