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See how I transformed these old outdated chairs into a French Country designer’s dream

Recently, while I was scouting for furniture for a design project, I stumbled across this vintage pair of chairs. Now if you know me, you know I love to “practice seeing the potential.” As soon as I saw these old chairs, I knew I could make them over to create a stunning design statement with paint and a few simple fabrics.

You might be thinking okay Amitha, you’ve really lost it this time. Or you, yourself, might have stumbled across a set of chairs like this in the past only to think “Oh that’s too hard of a project!”

Well tune into today’s episode as I walk you through exactly how I made over these beauties. I’m going to show you step-by-step so you can get started on your own designer transformation just in time for your New Year house goals!

So what do you think? Easy right? Once you see how easy it is to do each step, the project feels much easier and frankly is much easier! As a design tip, be sure to finish your new painted finish before you start applying any new fabric or upholstery.

Do you have your own “before and after” you’ve bee working over the holidays? If so please share your before and after pics in the comments section below!

Til’ next time, keep making your home amazing with your love for design!

With love,


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