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Farewell Subtle, Hello Sparkle

When you’re working with French and European influences, there are so many design directions a project can take: from period styling all the way to shabby chic. Often I blog about classic timeless interiors rich with blues, grays, whites, subway tile, soft linens, and rough luxe textures that can handle little hands, hubbies and paws. But I’ll be the first to admit, I love a bit of glamour, sparkle and bling. So today I wanted to beat the greige and write to all of you who are looking to create high style and instant glamour with classic charm!

High Contrast

One of the best ways to create instant glam is to consider your actual room and the materials used to build that room. For instance, nothing says glam like a beautiful black and white flooring – very French, very beautiful and definitely a design statement. I love to use high contrast pieces when I want to add a bit of drama in a space.

I love this floor paired with the gorgeous high-gloss black lacquer doors – what do you think? You could create a similar (but less bold) style just by using a tumbled version of the same stone; tumbled stone is a different finish that takes all the polish off and has a bit more of a roughed-up look and feel.

Or if you want to create a focal point on a fireplace wall you could select black marble instead of limestone or a lighter color, again to create high contrast.

If you have classic moldings or want to take a classic style and add glam, one of my favorite design tips is to paint or lacquer the walls. Take a look at what a brighter color does to this library!

Bring on the Bling

If you follow me regularly, you’ll know I love gilt –  really, really love it. I always include it in any project, including the most subdued palettes. But if you’re looking for that high-glam appeal, I suggest really going for it! Gilt + crystal are stunning when paired into a design project, and gilt even looks fabulous with polished nickel and other more subtle hardware colors.

Speaking of a little bling… another way I love to add a bit of glam is through antique mirror. My favorites include original mercury glass mirrors, Venetian glass mirrors and antique mirror paneled walls.

Seriously loving this bathroom. Could this be your kind of retreat, or do you prefer less polished surfaces?

Embrace Color

This is the fun side of creating a more glamorous space.  You can do so with just a few polished surfaces or let a color do the ‘talking’ for you. Take a look at this stunning room that has both. I l.o.v.e. everything about this room: the color, the gilt, the commode, the bed, the settee, the floor and the drapes – wow; the designer did a fabulous job in this room!

I love how the colors in this classic Louis XV fauteuil paired with those gorgeous flowers takes this room into a very livable but glamorous style. 

And last but not least take advantage of some glamorous wall techniques like speciality painted finishes or large scale damasks.

Small gestures like bright flowers paired with the right container all the way to the finish selections of your home – you can really embrace a more glamorous style to help create a look that inspires you. I hope you enjoyed this one – if so please share and leave a comment below if you love these more glamorous looks or prefer something more subtle! Cheers,

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