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Designing With Shutters

We’ve had a busy few months, with lots of new customers looking for that certain ‘special something’. One thing we have found to be a really popular purchase is gorgeous, chippy, aged antique shutters. They have such charm and appeal that I decided to spend some time exploring a few ideas for using these shutters.

I recently came back from a trip to Paris and wow, was I inspired! I took lots of video clips of the amazing places I visited and was inspired by – we’ll be sure to share a video blog of my trip soon! While I was there, I was just awe-inspired by how much character these beautiful shutters add to a building.

Take a look at a few casual (not professional by any means) pics I took.

I have so many ideas about how you could place these beautiful shutters in your home. You can use them outside or in. How about creating a focal wall behind a bed or buffet? We love using these behind a buffet to create some major drama, elegance and texture in the dining room.

Available at Village Antiques

If you don’t want to get a whole set, you can always opt for two shutters and flank them on either side of a buffet, much like in this vignette below.

Available at Village Antiques

Here are a few other pretty ideas to try out with shutters:

I love how these shutters create so much character at the back of the house, and help create a neat little gardening nook. Shutters can also be used as dividers, instead of building a full wall. They provide a sense of privacy without compromising the openness of a space. I especially love the dark, rich color of these ones.

This is a very simple and elegant way to create layering. I love the contrast of the crystal sconces on top of the shutters in lieu of a table lamp… very pretty

And here are a few shutters sets we have at the shop right now:

So my family and I had a fabulous time in Paris, and while we were there I managed to find many gorgeous items for the shop! Why not pay us a visit and take a look at all the new pieces?

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