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An unexpected yet fascinating new design trend

It’s easy to be thrown off track with home projects. Between kids, work and all of life’s other obligations, scheduling time to finish projects can feel impossible.

How do you balance it all?

This year, I’ve been extremely committed to finishing certain areas of my home.

If you’re like me, you start every home project by looking for artwork first. This might surprise you, but one of my go-to art items that is all the rage right now is…


French tapestries continue to experience a renaissance and are a major trend in the design world.

Today I’m going to share my secret to creating a gorgeous “finished” home with these exquisite pieces and I’m also going to share the amazing history of tapestry.

Plus, you’ll also find out how to be a super sleuth and find out if the pieces are true antiques or a reproduction (nothing wrong with getting a reproduction, though!).

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Now I want to hear from you: In a comment below, let us know if you would use tapestry in your decorating.

As always, thanks for sharing this with your family, colleagues and friends!

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